Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr Space Junk is now on Twitter

Certain friends in the blogosphere have been urging this for some time, but it was the revelation from aeronaut Dr Brett Holman that drspacejunk was not yet taken that precipitated the establishment of a Twitter account late last night after my esteemed colleague Dr Lynley Wallis had plied me with Moscato.

I don't really know what I'm doing though ..... I'm following a number of space agencies, wondering where I draw the line between personal/professional (I love Lady Gaga, but does Dr Space Junk?). I'm guessing that the smart thing is to link blog/facebook/twitter/ (lordy!  How many of these things can one person do?), but maybe it's not the smart thing.  So advice is appreciated.


  1. Other than the impersonal official agency channels, almost all of twitter is the personal side. It's a way of updating when you have professional things going on, but for the most part twitter covers the realm of "what else?"

    Blogs have RSS, so it's definitely not useful to have a twitter account that is just links to updates.

    You could also look at other people in the space field, to see what I mean. Jane Houston Jones and John Carmack come to mind.

  2. Thanks - will check them out.

  3. Google and download TweetDeck. It makes keeping track of all your different accounts (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) so much easier. Best of all, it's free.