Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital people - my review of Incandescence

My review of Greg Egan's Incandescence is out this month in the Australian Book Review. Here is the opening paragraph:
What do you do when you can live for thousands of years, travel nearly everywhere you wish in the galaxy, and customise your environment and your body to be exactly the way you like? When there is no risk of starvation, injury or disease? When your back-up simply takes over when, for some reason, you die? What do you do when the whole universe is your playground and you’re just plain bored?
Greg, if you're out there, I think I am nearly brave enough to want to know your reactions .......


  1. Anonymous12:12 pm

    I enjoyed it ... the archaeological aspects especially, of course!

  2. Amazing really cool ! i have a degree in cometology , my work is studying comets and comet tracking and love reading nice things about how fascinating comets really are.