Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The all-new Space Age Archaeology

Well, I've been thinking about changing the format of Space Age Archaeology for some time now .... the blog is eight years old, and the template is so ancient that I can't play around with it - it basically can't be changed.  But I'm so used to the font and the colours that anything else looks odd to me.  And I'm pretty sure that once I abandon this template I can't go back to it.

So I guess I'm going to just take the plunge and see what emerges.  Anyone who feels strongly enough to comment is absolutely welcome to do so.  About anything - font, background, gadgets, whatever.  I may be brave enough to apply my new design tonight, I may not.  Hard to tell.


  1. OK. Wasn't brave enough. Still messing around with formats and fonts.

  2. Still messing around. But getting closer.

  3. OK, so I discovered I could change a couple of things on the old template, so have done those while I think about a complete change.......