Thursday, January 29, 2009

Space Travel and Culture

I'm just waiting for the proofs for my chapter in this book, due to be released in June this year.

Edited by David Bell and Martin Parker

1. Introduction: Making Space: Martin Parker and David Bell

2. Checklist: The Secret Life of Apollo’s "Fourth Crewmember": Matthew H. Hersch

3. A Political History of NASA’s Space Shuttle: The Development Years, 1972-1982: Brian Woods

4. The Geostationary Orbit: A Critical Legal Geography of Space’s Most Valuable Real Estate: Christy Collis

5. The Cosmos as Capitalism’s Outside: Peter Dickens

6. Capitalists in Space: Martin Parker

7. Space is the (non)Place: Martians, Marxists, and the Outer Space of the Radical Imagination: Stevphen Shukaitis

8. The Space Race and Soviet Utopian Thinking: Iina Kohonen

9. The archaeology of space exploration: Alice Gorman

10. Giant Leaps and Forgotten Steps: NASA and the Performance of Gender: Daniel Sage

11. Idealised Heroes of ‘Retrotopia’: History, Identity and the Postmodern in Apollo 13: Dario Llinares

12. Middle America, the Moon, the Sublime and the Uncanny: Darren Jorgensen

13. Re-thinking Apollo: Envisioning Environmentalism in Space: Holly Henry and Amanda Taylor

14. Conclusion: To Infinity and Beyond?: Warren Smith

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