Friday, February 29, 2008

This is the life of a space archaeologist

Ash Loydon has reviewed this film at the Cinedelica website. It sounds just too good and I think I will have to track down a copy immediately.

Inseminoid (1981)
A group of "space archaeologists" are threatened after one of their number is impregnated by a big grasshopper......Understandably this causes her to go a bit mental and start hunting them down one by one.....which is nice, if not a little extreme.

Norman J. Warren does a bloodier, bad taste Brit version of Alien on a budget of £12.50 (and gets banned in Iceland for his trouble). Ineptly made, hideously contrived but incredibly entertaining....Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) shows what space exploration would be like if it were run by Strathclyde Passenger Transport; Whereas the Yanks have shiny rockets, jetpacks and lasers, the British archaeology team shown here have buckets and spades, Kwik Fit overalls and a chainsaw(?) amongst their equipment.....oh, and big 80s hair.



  2. glad you liked the review! many more on my blog but none featuring more space archaeologists i'm afraid....(tho the daleks do try to dig out the earth's core in one of them!

    stay scared!

  3. You seem to have two names? Avoiding giant grasshoppers intent on impregnating unwary archaeologists is one of the hazards of fieldwork - although people seem to go a bit mental even without that. And I do love a good journey to the Earth's core.