Friday, September 01, 2006

Space biscuits and recognition for space archaeology

Sometimes the constant struggle to gain recognition for the cultural significance of space heritage can get a girl down. I was feeling rather depressed about life in general when I received an accolade that has made it all worthwhile. The utterly charming Nicey from A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down, the web's premier site for tea, biscuits, cake and sit downs, has declared that I am their favourite space archaeologist. It has made me happy for the last two days.

Nicey is very interested in space biscuits, as I may have mentioned already in this blog. Below is his take on the news that the Japanese are developing a special biscuit for long-haul space travel.

Nice News: Space biscuits will taste of worms or something

Wednesday 30 Aug 2006
Reporter: Nicey and Dr Alice Gorman

NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown's favourite space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman has been in touch about Japanese plans for space biscuits. Masamichi Yamashita, a researcher with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has come up with recipe that uses all the things that your typical astronaut might have to hand on a five year long mission to Mars. Soybeans, rice and silkworm pupas are combined, all of which may be farmed in space. Apparently the pupas will need a quick stir frying to mask their fishy taste, before grinding them into a sort of powder which we are assured will taste almost like crab.

Yamashita presented his recipe during the 36th scientific assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). The recipe comprises three to six grams of silkworm pupa powder, 200 grams of rice powder, 50 grams of soy powder and 300 cubic centimetres of soymilk, with soy sauce and salt.

I can't see McVitites beating a path to his door anytime soon. Mind you they could have a good future in that niche market for foods that you eat very late on a Friday night for a bet after you have been drinking heavily, traditionally occupied by Bombay Duck.


  1. Okay, first of all, why the 'Love Pygmy"?

    Also, if these proposed wormy biscuits were presented to you, would you try them? :P

  2. Dear Queen,
    I think I would try a wormy biscuit. They sound rather like rice crackers. Perhaps some blue castello would help them go down better.

    The Love Pygmy is a long story. I will relate it another time ....

  3. Anonymous2:53 am

    Hey Dr Space Junk,
    recognition can go a long way, the initial step of which is introduction... Before sitting down to a cuppa with you, would never have thought about space and the endless realm that it can provide to archaeology...
    May the travels of the 'Love Pygmy' continue to the farthest reaches of space and beyond, landing for brief visits through the land of cultural heritage to pass on the vast knowledge that it possesses!!

  4. Dear Little Lucifer,
    Next time the "Love Pygmy" is passing your way, please come on board for a cup of tea. My current favourite is the French brand "Saveurs du soir". There is also a small museum on the "Love Pygmy" - also a story for another time ...