Thursday, November 10, 2005

An icy cold one goes down well with a slice of lime

Just recently I've decided that the satellite which goes awry in the film 'Ice Station Zebra' (one of my favourites as readers of this blog will know) must be a CORONA.


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  2. Anonymous6:50 am

    So glad to see somebody out there likes this movie as much, or more, than I. I enjoyed your comments on Ice Station Zebra. I love the line about German scientists.
    I've always thought the satellite was a Corona also.
    Great blog, btw.

    Shelby G. Spires

  3. Hi Shelby, the movie is quite different to the book, but such suspense! I think it is much underrated. Good to know I'm not alone in my Corona conjecture. What else could it be after all?

    I see you have some Skylab material on your website - very handy for my current research! Thanks for getting in touch.


    Dr Space Junk

  4. Very glad I could be of help in the Skylab department.